The Premise 

Playgrounds are an environment that encourage exploration, creativity and new connections. Unfortunately, these places become harder to find as we get older, yet, our need for them hasn’t diminished. 


Welcome to OpenBuild

OpenBuild is a community focused environment that encourages participants to create, tinker, build and develop around an idea for a period of 24 hours. While OpenBuild has its roots in hackathons, our aim is to welcome those who are passionate about creating, regardless of their medium. LACUNA will be the home of OpenBuild.


 The Space

Housed in what was once the world's largest macaroni factory, LACUNA is bursting with murals, art installations and creative businesses. OpenBuild will take place at mulitple locations within the space and there's tons to see between 5 floors and 225,000 sqft.


The Outlet

As always, you have the option to work on whatever you'd like plus 4 challenges from Lacuna based companies. Redesign a creative space with a $2,500 budget, work on a live project with an international marketing and design agency, create new business strategy for Lacuna and work with iBeacons and Myo's.


4 Trips to Miami - Best overall

4 Bulls tickets - 2nd best overall

1 year of free office space - Best Lacuna based project

6 months of Creative Cloud - Gertrude Design Challenge

Design Tablets - Remix Space Redesign challenge

Best use of iBeacons - iBeacons (2 teams)

4 Amazon Echoes - Peer Choice



View our FAQ in the Rules section 

Hackathon Sponsors


$111,499 in prizes

Airfare and hotel for a 4 day trip to Miami

4 days and night in Miami. Airfare and Hotel paid for.

Front row Bulls Tickets

Courtside seats for a Chicago Bulls game of your choice.

1 year of free office space at LACUNA (6)

A free 1 year lease for office space at LACUNA. This prize will be given to an entire winning team.


iBeacons for the top 2 iBeacon projects

Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet

6 months of Adobe creative cloud

Amazon Echo

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


18+ or note from Guardian if younger. 

Team limit 5

Full disclosure on pre-work


Anything that is a work created at OpenBuild or had work done at OpenBuild is kosher for submission. 

How to enter

Work on a project for 24 hours whether it's for a challenge or something you came up with. Judging for prizes will be based on a criteria set but all projects are welcome to present. 


Otis Gibson

Otis Gibson

Heather Knapp

Heather Knapp

Corey Jenkins

Corey Jenkins
The Remix Project

Jack Flash

Jack Flash
The Remix Project

Emmanuel Marcha

Emmanuel Marcha

Judging Criteria

  • Gertrude Design Challenge
    Gertrude Inc. is witholding the details of this challenge, however, we can tell you that you will be reimagining a universal household item.
  • The Remix Project Design Challenge
    Work within a $2,500 budget to reimagine the physical space to better serve the needs of a creative arts and a business academy.
  • LACUNA Technical Challenge
    Create fun, technical installations for LACUNA. We will have Myo armbands and iBeacons.
  • LACUNA Business Challenge
    Create a strategy to attract new tenants
  • Ray iBeacon Challenge
    Create a project that uses iBeacons distributed across Lacuna

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